Lunch With Lucille

Lunch With Lucille
206 Pages
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ISBN: 978-0-9854397-0-5

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You have never had lunch with anyone quite like Lucille. This fun-loving, sassy lady shares a message of optimism and strength that every woman needs to hear . . .


With her indomitable spirit, and wisdom, Lucille captivates her lunch guests with life-affirming stories AND her four-diamond brooch. While attractive to look at, its significance is much more than decoration, and the secrets behind its meaning will inspire you to incorporate some important lessons into your own life.

Although the story is fictional, Lucille is based closely on the Annarose's mother—a woman with style, wit and a strong sense of purpose.


Always a good time manager, I arrive at the country club shortly before the noon witching hour. I park by the pro shop, walk down the brick pathway, to the three stone stairs, enter the clubhouse, and take the elevator up one flight. En route I pass a few club members. One or two acknowledge my existence with a perfunctory nod. A few others ignore me all together. I guess they are aware they don't know me because I am well aware that I don't know them.

As I make my way into the dining room, there sits Lucille; positioned at the same table she was last week when I met her. And just like last week she is sitting with her back to the window, the beautiful golf course scene serving as her backdrop, as she looks out into the dining area.

Although there are several-dozen other members in the restaurant, Lucille stands out. She looks like a model; not a runway model as she does not have the slender bone structure and I doubt she is anywhere near tall enough. Instead she resembles a commercial or print model. Her body is well-proportioned, her face is quite attractive, and her skin is astonishingly silky, especially for a woman of her advanced years. My first impression is that Lucille, with minimal airbrushing, is worthy of a cover shot on some mature lifestyle focused magazine.

Even if I had really poor eyesight, which I do not, I would not be able to miss Lucille. She is illuminated. From head to toe, she is fully adorned in aquamarine. Her blouse, her pants, her scarf, and all of her jewelry show some shade of the blue hue. I have never seen anything like it! Her aquamarine-colored hat reminds me of the pee cap John Lennon wore when the Beatles first landed in New York in 1964; only Lucille has it strategically tipped to one side, just enough to expose her gleaming white hair.

As I near Lucille's table, I notice her aquamarine blouse is also trimmed in sequins. And there, perfectly positioned over her heart, is the four-diamond brooch, at least twice as big as Kitty's. It shines so brightly and almost appears happy to see me. But what radiates even more than the four diamonds is Lucille's smile. She follows me with her eyes as I walk unceremoniously through the dining room. Her grin grows progressively broader. Seemingly, she becomes increasingly more joyful with every step I take in her direction.

I feel assured there is no way I can go off course. Lucille's smile is reeling me in like a helpless fish. I walk directly to her table and sit down next to her. Trying to sound confident, I say "Hi Lucille." In reality, I am praying she remembers me. She looks over at me, beaming with delight, as if she's known me all her life and is thrilled that I am joining her. She touches my hand and enthusiastically greets me, "Hi ya babe, good to see you."



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