Lunch with Lucille, the award-winning novel
from Annarose Ingarra-Milch, introduces the
fun-loving, sassy lady named "Lucille."
With her indomitable spirit and wit, "Lucille" captivates
her lunch guests with life-affirming stories AND a
four-diamond brooch known as her "Jewel of Inspiration."

We know "Lucille" will captivate you too!

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About Lunch With Lucille

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"Lucille" embodies the
idea of positive living!

Women facing the issues of
aging, self-confidence, illness
and more have embraced the
character's ability to overcome
life's daunting challenges with
humor and grace.

Lucille's "Jewel of Inspiration"

The brooch women everywhere
are wearing and sharing

Lucille's "Jewel of Inspiration" is
being worn daily by an ever-growing
legion of women as a beautiful
symbol of their inner strength.


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Get the news about all
things "Lucille" as well as
author and nationally renowned
motivational speaker
Annarose Ingarra-Milch



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